Deliver Magical Customer Experiences with Salesforce Genie

The term “Genie” (a spirit of Arabian folklore and from Disney’s Aladdin) is not new to all of us. We are well aware of the magical powers that Genie possess to grant anyone’s wishes. Well, in contemporary world, Salesforce has rubbed the magic lamp and have come up with one such phenomenal product which can grant any business’s wish to get a single source of truth of their customers.

Introducing Salesforce Genie

Salesforce Genie was announced in ^Dreamforce 2022 Main Keynote. It is a real-time hyperscale Customer Data Platform (CDP). It makes the world’s No. 1 CRM, Salesforce 360 the world’s first Real-Time CRM. Genie empowers you to deliver real-time experiences like never before to your customers based on their activity, interactions with your business. Whoa! That’s marvelous and spooky too!

Salesforce Genie Features

  • Command Center: Genie boasts a Command Center where you get a 360°, holistic view of your entire setup landscape. It shows you, at-a-glance, performance of all of your live data streams, segments, activities by channels, top performing segments, attributes from data sources, etc. You can drill down to each one of these to get more detailed insights. 
  • Out-of-the-box Connectors: Genie offers connectors not only for Salesforce products but also from external sources such as Amazon, Google Cloud etc. So, no need for custom development or integration
  • Data Streams: Genie allows you to create data streams using the out-of-the-box connectors to let the data flow in to the system 
  • Contact Mappings: Genie enables you to map the attributes of an individual from different versions of profile from different sources of the same person thereby unifying the identity

Can Salesforce Genie Work Wonders for You?

Having reviewed the powerful features that Genie possess; we can anticipate Genie is going to be extremely beneficial for your business and surely going to work wonders for you. Here are the top six benefits we would like to call out:

1. Connect and Bring in Any Data

Your business data may be scattered all over in disparate systems but you can connect to all those systems, be it cloud or on-prem, Salesforce or external, contemporary or legacy, and get that data in Genie with purpose-built connectors for every industry. 

2.  Create Harmonized Customer Graph

Once connected, you can analyze the Individual or Contact attributes for each data source and perform the mapping to flow data into the right fields. Your single customer can have multiple clones in the various systems that your business uses. Genie empowers you to strip down the alter egos of your customers and provides one identity.

3.  Get Live Customer Profile

The Contact Card or Profile is a live entity which starts building up as the data flows in from your customer transactions and is constantly updated. The Profile shows you following valuable insights:

  • Personal details 
  • Segment they belong to
  • Lifetime Value 
  • Engagement Score
  • Affinities like purchases and interactions
  • Channel Insights and last but not the least
  • Customer Activity showing you real-time interaction of customers with your brand

4.  Embed Real-time Workflows

Genie works seamlessly with Salesforce automations such as Flow Orchestrator and Flows and AI layer Einstein. You can build robust yet meaningful workflows to provide amazing experiences to customer. With real-time customer transactions pouring in, you can trigger and orchestrate Flows and Einstein can route through appropriate branches based on the transactions.

5.  Engage with Customers in Real-time

Once you have performed the marriage of Genie and workflows, you will be able to engage with customers in real-time. Here’s when Einstein Next Best Action comes into picture. Let’s take an example of a customer support use case. When your agents are talking to customers on phone, they can see the most recent customer activity in the “Activity Feed” like news stream which is continuously getting synced and updated. If customer has engaged on any other channel with the brand before calling support, they will see it there and corresponding recommendations in the “Next best Action”. This can be beneficial for more critical use cases such as fraud alert.

Salesforce Genie is currently baked into major Salesforce products such as Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce, Tableau, MuleSoft and Slack and more to come in near future.

6.  Open & Extensible

Genie is not just a product. It’s a platform that is open and extensible by design and is based on lake house architecture. It natively integrates with Snowflake so you don’t have to copy data over, works seamlessly with first-party advertising such as Google, Meta and Amazon Ads so you can leverage existing audiences and gives you the ability to incorporate AWS SageMaker so you can work with your custom AI. Overall, Salesforce Genie brings together whole new innovative features that are going to be industry leading and disrupting over the coming years. If you would like to get your business’s wishes come true then you can let Salesforce Genie out of the bottle and work wonders for you to provide magical experiences to your customers.

How Can You Get Started?

If you are already using Salesforce then get in touch with your account executives and they will guide you on how to get started. If you are new to Salesforce, then our solution engineering team will help you to get started and get the optimum ROI of your investment.

Excerpted from ^Dreamforce 2022 Main Keynote presentation.

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