Jump-Start your Analytics Journey with Einstein Analytics Templates

Implementing a meaningful analytics application or even a dashboard from scratch with the right level of information can be a tedious and confusing process. You can keep going back and forth with the users trying to figure out the level of details that needs to be presented to the audience and also at the same time lose track of the objectives while trying to come up with visualizations that ring a bell with the consumers of the dashboard.

While the presentation layer takes most of the attention, the underlying data preparation and data processing required for the visualizations can be even more challenging.

Introducing Einstein Analytics Templates

Salesforce has a curated gallery of prebuilt Analytics Template Apps that can help make the whole process effortless and effective. The templates not only provide expert data analysis but also come packed with the required back end plumbing to get the right level of information from your Salesforce Orgs.

Einstein Analytics template apps provide a set of Dashboards, Lenses with supporting Datasets and Dataflows that serve as a starting point for Einstein Analytics Admins and Developers to start building their requirements. Using the pre-built template apps as the base for custom development not only enables you to deliver analytics apps faster to business users but also helps in building engaging visualizations with the right level of details.

The prebuilt template apps also form excellent demo material that can be used to present creative ideas to the business community using best in class dashboards and visualizations.

The Template Gallery

Several Einstein Analytics templates apps are provided by Salesforce addressing different industry needs and also by partners who have developed Einstein Analytics Apps using their expertise. The template apps are easily accessible using the Templates Gallery, App Exchange and can be installed using just a few clicks. A broad level categorization of the Einstein Analytics templates include the following types:

  • Cloud Based Templates like Sales, Service, Marketing, Field Service Lightning, Financial Services and Healthcare.
  • Focussed Business and Industry Templates like Revenue Operations, Social Case Analytics, Lead Trending, Wealth Management, Subscription Analytics, Quote Analytics, Patient Risk Stratification and Insurance Analytics templates to name some.
  • Productivity Templates like Adoption Analytics template, Approval Analytics template, Event Monitoring Analytics App and Change Analytics App.

Installation of Template Apps

Einstein Analytics Templates can be very easily installed from the Template Gallery by following the below steps. Note: Some of the templates may have additional questions that need answering in the wizard to meet the data requirements of the template.

  • Open the Template Gallery from Analytics Studio by clicking the Template Gallery link.
  • Search for the template you want to install or filter the list by selecting values from the Filter dropdown. The Filter dropdown helps filtering the template list by using Tags and Industry values.
  • Select the template and depending upon the template the wizard may present a set of questions. These questions are required by the template to generate the visualizations and outcomes based on the type of template
  • After completing the questionnaire the template installation process will start and the status of the installation will be displayed in a new tab.
  • Once the installation is complete, you are all set to use the brand new template app. The app will be available in the Apps section of Analytics studio.
  • Click the ‘Run’ button to test drive your new template app.

Templates will not only make the whole process for efficient and easy for you but also make your solution more effective with the following:

  • Use of best in class visualizations and data representations
  • Inclusion of industry expertise through specialized industry templates with actionable insights
  • Standardized prebuilt datasets, dataflows and backend development to pull the required data.

So next time you are starting on an Einstein Analytics solution, do not miss on the opportunity to amaze your users by delivering a stunning app at lightning speed using Einstein Analytics Templates.

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