At Aethereus, we are sensitive to the user’s privacy on the Internet. The user is free to access the website without submitting any personal information. However, listed below are the circumstances when Aethereus may request the user to provide personal information.


Collection of personal information for propagating business


We may request personal information from you such as your name, email id, contact number, and company name. You are free to respond or not respond to inquiries. Any information you provide is voluntary. We use this information to gain feedback from your experience. Moreover, we may use this information for various business purposes so that we can serve you better. Any information you provide on our website cannot be claimed as confidential and proprietary.


You are free to visit our website without providing any personal information. However, there are certain areas on our website that require information to carry out certain functions. If you still wish to not provide your information, you are free to do so. Bear in mind that certain features and functions may not be available to you. Furthermore, we are not obligated to verify the source of the personal information provided.


Collecting information for on-line surveys


We conduct online surveys to gain a better understanding of the needs of our visitors. Before we conduct a survey, we will try to let you know as to how your information will be used on the Internet. You are free to not contribute to it if you are not satisfied or happy with the reasons for the survey.


Collecting domain information


We collect domain information of our visitors for analysis of the use of our website. With the help of this data, we can have a better understanding of our customer’s browsing behavior such as

How often they visit the website, which parts are used more. This information requires no action from the user’s part as it is collected automatically. By visiting our website, you give your consent to allow Aethereus to collect the names of your domain.


Disclosure to third parties


Aethereus may share your information with our business partners in cases that will serve the interest of the business. Our business partners can send you alerts about their new products and services. If you wish to be removed from the alert list, you simply have to unsubscribe from the email. Bear in mind that you have no right to treat such alerts as unsolicited and you are not entitled to take legal action against our Business Partners and Aethereus due to the email alerts you could receive. There could arise a requirement to disclose your personal information if a court process, investigation or a legal proceeding takes place. We could also disclose your personal information in the event of a business merger, amalgamation or reorganization.

Use of cookies


Aethereus uses cookies to recognize a visitor as a unique user and create a personalized experience to better serve them. We also use cookies for targeted advertisements and traffic analysis. You could be notified by your web browser when you are receiving a cookie. You as a user have the choice to accept it or not. By not accepting cookies, some pages may not be personalized and might not function the way you want it to. You might also not have access to certain information on our website. We will not be able to retain your information and you will have to re-enter certain information during each visit. Bear in mind that our website may contain links to third-party partners and affiliates. When it comes to the content or the privacy practices of third-party websites you must know that we are not responsible for it. At Aethereus, we reserve the right to modify or update this statement without notice, at any time.




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