Re-Imagining User Experience with Salesforce OmniStudio

User experience (UX) has become one of the most important aspect for designing user journeys and processes in today’s digital applications and still coming up with a great user experience is always the most difficult part of any application’s design process.  

While there are a number of design methodologies and guiding principles for a good user experience, the subjective nature of UX makes it challenging for every organization to come up with the most effective and functional user experience for their Salesforce users.


Salesforce OmniStudio

With Salesforce OmniStudio a number of these challenges can addressed using the set of tools and components provided by the platform. 

Salesforce OmniStudio is a suite of tools that can deliver agile digital transformations for Salesforce Industries using a declarative platform. The OmniStudio platform is formed of the following component layers that enables teams to deliver fast paced end to end transformational digital experiences: 


The focus of this article will be on the Digital Experience layer on Salesforce OmniStudio and how it can be the force behind delivering engaging user experiences. 

Digital Experience

The Digital Experience layer is the user facing layer of OmniStudio and is primarily formed of 2 key UI components that are built using Lightning Web Components. Built on lightning web components these components deliver high performance user experience from within Salesforce and can be created simply using clicks.
OmniStudio FlexCards: FlexCards as the name suggests are card-based components that provide contextual information and actions to the users.  
OmniScripts: OmniScripts provide a guided path to users for completing a process without having to navigate to multiple parts of the application. A view of where the process currently is and what lies ahead helps users in completing the journey seamlessly 

OmniStudio FlexCards

FlexCards are dynamic card components that provide summarized information to the users in the required context. The ability of FlexCards to combine information from different sources of and present them in context the users along with contextual actions makes them much more powerful than the standard UI components. 

Multiple FlexCards can be combined together to deliver a holistic view of the customer and drive contextual actions based on the customer’s request. For example, A customer 360 view created using a set of OmniStudio FlexCards can show information about the customers products, services, preferences and interactions in multiple cards and provide the ability to take different actions from the individual cards.

In addition to providing the right information at the right place FlexCards provide a seamless user experience through the below key capabilities: 

  • FlexCards are responsive in nature and can be deployed to any channel providing a uniform cross-channel experience. 
  • FlexCards also deliver an de-cluttered and cleaner user experience by providing key information upfront on the cards with the ability to show additional details using FlyOuts
  • Different FlexCard variants can be conditionally rendered to show relevant information based on different values or stages. This provides the ability to enhance the user experience and ensure that the information a user sees is relevant to the current situation. This can also be used to show alerts, notifications and relevant actions based on the customer’s situation.


OmniScripts are multi-step guided processes that enable users to complete an end to end process by following the script path. OmniScripts can be applied to any existing or new industry process that requires a guided path for the users in order to complete a process, for example: 

  • Payment Plan selection for a customer 
  • Change of Tenancy and movement of services 
  • Payment of Bills and update of subscriptions 

OmniScripts provide a step-by-step view of the progress and also keeps the users aware of what lies ahead through a visual progress bar that keep tracks of the process. OmniScripts are powered by Lightning Web Components and can be deployed over any channel. When a user starts an OmniScript process over one channel they can continue the same over another channel later on from where they left using saved sessions. This seamless cross channel experience of OmniScripts ensure that the users are able to complete the processes at their convenience without having to go through all the steps again.

Screenshot 2021-08-13 at 3.55.31 PM

The biggest advantage that OmniScripts provide is that they can orchestrate not just Salesforce processes but combine multiple sources to deliver end to end process for Salesforce users. OmniScripts can be easily integrated with external sources through clicks and the external processes can then be combined with Salesforce processes to provide a seamless experience to end users. 

For example, A Home Move process can be built using OmniScripts can integrate with address providers, utility service providers and local councils for providing an end-to-end home movement solution from Salesforce.


The Digital Experience layer opens up endless possibilities of creating highly performant engaging user experiences that can be deployed at scale. The drag and drop nature of FlexCards and OmniScripts make them best suited tools for building fast paced digital transformations. 

Whether you are looking at re-inventing your existing user experiences or are looking at starting an end-to-end digital transformation journey for your industry, Salesforce OmniStudio can help you rapidly deliver innovative user experiences and realize value faster. 

To know more on how Salesforce OmniStudio can help you in your digital journey contact us or visit us on LinkedIn.

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