Trailheadx ’21 – A Quick Recap of Product Announcements from Opening Keynote

It’s a wrap of yet another virtual Trailheadx ‘21 – Salesforce’s biggest annual event for anyone who builds on the Salesforce platform. It happened on a sunny summer morning in Salesforce Park in San Francisco, United States and was broadcasted live across the globe. Thousands of Trailblazers watched the live stream and the main opening keynote hosted by Parker Harris, Co-Founder and CTO of Salesforce. Just like any other Salesforce event, it was filled with exciting new product announcements that the eco-system was eagerly waiting for. So, here’s a quick recap and rundown on the latest and greatest products announced in Trailheadx ‘21.

1. Expansive Partnership with AWS to Unify Developer Experiences and Launch New Intelligent Applications

The world’s leading cloud services provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the #1 CRM platform Salesforce originally announced their partnership in November 2019 during Dreamforce ‘19 to integrate Amazon Connect as part of Salesforce Service Cloud Voice.
During Trailheadx ‘21, they have significantly expanded that global strategic partnership to make it easier for developers using both technologies to build and launch customer applications. It also allows them to natively leverage AWS services in Salesforce, and securely connect data and workflows across both Salesforce and AWS. End Customers can now make use of the full set of Salesforce and AWS features together to seamlessly build and deploy powerful new business applications that accelerate digital transformation.
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2. Flow Orchestrator (Pilot Summer ‘21)

Flow Orchestrator allows admins and developers to quickly create comprehensive multi-user, multi-step automated business processes with clicks, not code. It enhances your new and existing flows by introducing two new features: Steps and Stages. When you organize multiple Flows into steps, and those multiple steps into stages, Flow Orchestrator helps you bridge the gaps in business workflow.
Steps define which Flow(s) you’d like to execute, if there any individuals who are assigned to those steps and if there are any notifications they should get. Moreover, it also specifies where the Flow should appear, such as a record detail page or home page. Assignment of steps can be sequential or in parallel to offer maximum flexibility.
Stages group the steps together and are executed sequentially. They can be separated by a Decision element to support complex logic. In other words, a stage is comprised of one or more steps.
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Sales Agreements in Manufacturing Cloud

Sales Agreement enables you to manage and negotiate purchase and sale of products over an elongated period of time. They address common challenges faced by manufacturing companies such as a single view of planned and actual product revenues and quantities, ability to make changes as per the production issues, etc. Use Sales Agreements to provide your sales teams with clear visibility into planned and actual order volumes in the process, make changes to planned quantities, sales prices, and discounts. It derives the actual quantity and actual amount for products from active Orders associated with a sales agreement to give you a holistic view of the state of an agreement.


Working with Sales Agreements

Sales Agreements Lifecycle

Any Sales Agreement goes through following stages in its lifecycle:

  • Draft – Initial stage
  • Approved – Self or manager approved
  • Activated – An approved sales agreement is automatically activated when it reaches its start date
  • Under Revision – Activated agreement, if further modified, then enters this stage
  • Renewed – Cloned the Agreement after it end date
  • Cancelled – Cancelled the agreement
  • Powerful Solution for Future of Manufacturing
  • Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud offers a complete CRM exclusively for companies who are in the manufacturing business. It is a go-to solution that offers powerful features to manage long-term and complex Sales Agreements, shows accurate Account wise Forecasts, allows to set Account managers’ targets, extends real-time visibility and collaboration to partners with Experience Cloud and offers intelligent insights, predictions, and recommendations when used with Einstein Analytics.

How Can You Get Started?

If you are in the manufacturing business and this solution sounds interesting to you, then you can get started right off the bat. If you are already using Sales Cloud then get in touch with your account executive and he/she will guide you on how to upgrade. Then your Salesforce administrator will configure the solution based on your requirements. If you are new to Salesforce then our Manufacturing Cloud expert team will help you along the way to get started on this journey and get the best ROI of your investment.


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