Who We Are

Aethereus is a firm with difference

Today’s digital world is challenging. New technology is rapidly evolving every day at unbelievable speeds. There is a constant need to innovate and develop products aligned to ever-changing customer requirements in this highly dynamic market. We work with you to define, strategize and build the capabilities you need to transform your business to meet these challenges rapidly.

We are an award-winning Salesforce Summit Partner based in Texas, USA and Pune, India. We provide deep industry expertise and solid Salesforce platform knowledge, focusing on multi-cloud deployments, industry clouds, and rapid sprints resulting in faster concept-to-market.

We can jump into partner with you at any stage of your business lifecycle to define your customer success strategy to incorporate, extend or reboot your capabilities, by harnessing the power of modern technology and Salesforce along with an innovative design-led approach. Our highly experienced team of strategists, designers, architects, and tinkerers ensures that it recommends rapidly deployable ideas which translate into highly demonstrably and successful results- fast.

Our services include custom and pre-built solutions combining innovation, cutting-edge technology and industry thought leadership for our global clientele. We serve clients across the USA, EMEA and India.

Our Core Values

Customer Success

We are focused on delivering successful outcomes for clients, not just deliver projects


Building trust and having long term relationship with customers, employees and business partners


Focus on nimble, agile and flexible approach to deliver client outcomes rapidly


Employee focused, providing challenging opportunities for growth and learning


Partnerships with diverse companies to provide compelling value propositions that span entire customer value chains


Building custom Innovative customer-focused solutions for impact

Management Profiles

  • Board of Directors
  • Leadership Team

Board of Directors

Kunal Parikh
Nitin Gupta
Vijay Gupta
Anil Kilaru

Leadership Team

Kunal Parikh
Co-founder & President - Sales
Nitin Gupta
Co-founder & President - Delivery
Vijay Gupta
Co-founder & President - India
Brendan Nolan
Chief Revenue Officer, North America
Minna Varkey
Head of Customer Success, North America
Vijay Mathur
Head of Technology, North America

Thought Leadership

We are transitioning from a knowledge based to a wisdom-based economy. It’s no longer about what you know – but what you do with what you know. In the wisdom-based economy, it’s always about trust, transparency and collaboration.

“We are living in an era, where digital technologies and platforms are making an incredible amount of innovation possible at a rapid pace. At Aethereus, our vision is to lead this wave of disruption to enable innovative business models, digitize processes and leverage technology as a catalyst for our clients.

We constantly ask ourselves “How can we make a difference to clients and communities we serve?”. We realize, we can best do this by understanding customer psyche and crafting business architectures that help them grow faster, serve better and engage meaningfully.

So, designing such a customer experience backbone (or foundation) will be critical for clients to be future ready.

Our promise then, is to reimagine processes and architecture to help firms “Craft Signature Experiences” with Salesforce platform, that are both innovative and delightful.”

Aethereus Perspectives

Insights into our thoughts and views about our domains, technology development and innovation.

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We partner with our clients to solve their most challenging customer experience problems by leveraging the power of Salesforce with cutting-edge technology and a design-led approach. We have been Salesforce Partner since 2019.


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