Aethereus, an award winning Salesforce Summit partner - is proud to be associated as a sponsor at Dreamforce 2023.

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About us

Aethereus, an award winning Salesforce boutique, is at the forefront of revolutionizing how organizations leverage AI, Data and CRM to drive success. Know More
Our integrated approach enhances customer engagement, drives data driven decision-making, and unlocks new opportunities for growth in today’s dynamic business landscape. At Aethereus, we blend AI, Data and industry cloud CRM capabilities on Salesforce, creating seamless experiences for businesses. Our cutting-edge solutions enable personalized customer interactions, data-driven insights, and efficient workflows to maximize business impact.

About Dreamforce 2023

This year, Dreamforce is happening during September 12-14, 2023 at Moscone Centre, San Francisco, California. Know More
This year’s Dreamforce theme is about how AI, Data and CRM can bring imagination, innovation and personalization for businesses. The event will include keynote speeches from industry leaders, hands-on workshops, breakout sessions on various topics and live product demos showcasing the latest innovations from Salesforce.

Aethereus At Dreamforce 2023

Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities as we encourage businesses to reimagine your customer experience. Know More
Elevate your business processes with the power of AI + Data + CRM and amplify your impact on customers like never before. Join us at Dreamforce 2023 to reimagine your approach to customer engagement and amplify the efficiency of your business processes. Embrace innovation, harness the potential of data and deliver exceptional experiences that leave a lasting impact on your customers.

Aethereus develops industry relevant solutions that brings in enterprise transformation @ scale

Personalization and churn prediction solution for auto industry

The synergistic combination of Salesforce Data Cloud, Interaction Studio and Amazon SageMaker heralds a transformative solution for the automotive industry. Know More

Interaction Studio’s real-time capabilities translate the data into separate data streams. Salesforce Data Cloud then provides a comprehensive repository of harmonized data from multiple sources. Backed by the advanced machine learning of Amazon SageMaker, predictive analytics thrives, enabling the automotive sector to anticipate churn behavior’s accurately. This innovative amalgamation promises to reshape the industry landscape by placing data-driven strategies at the heart of customer engagement, loyalty and operational success.

Incentive and commission management solution for manufacturing and consumer goods industry

This solution stands as a cornerstone for optimizing sales teams’ performance and motivation. Harnessing the power of Salesforce platform, this app-based solution streamlines the complex process of calculating, tracking, and disbursing incentives and commissions. Know More

By automating these critical workflows, sales representatives are empowered with transparency and accuracy, fostering trust and motivation. Managers gain real-time insights into sales performance, enabling data-driven decision-making. This solution provides a flexible framework to calculate flat or percentage-based commission calculation, effective tracking through personalised reports & dashboards. With customisable dashboards, detailed reporting, and seamless integration with sales data, this solution not only enhances operational efficiency but also cultivates a culture of healthy competition and goal attainment within the sales force.

Streamline order, inventory and insights through dealer management solution for consumer goods industry

The dealer management solution leverages Consumer Goods and Experience Cloud and empower consumer goods companies with enhanced visibility, collaboration, and efficiency in managing their dealer network Know More

It provides a 360-degree view of functionalities on dealer onboarding, dealer account, vehicle and retailer assignment, purchase order, invoice and vehicle management. By leveraging the Dealer Management Solution, OEMs can enhance the dealer experience, increase operational efficiency, and strengthen partnerships within your distribution network.

Generative AI based solution for seamless multi-lingual chat conversations

In a world where international markets are within reach, catering to customers in their preferred language is paramount. Know More

ChatVerse, leveraging generative AI, empowers your customer service team by automatically translating incoming chats into their preferred language, creating a fluid communication channel that boosts efficiency and engagement. Built on generative AI the solution provides contextual chat results and Salesforce platform’s underlying live chat framework ensures security & scalability. The service managers will no longer remain constrained by the agent language and need no juggle shifts to support every geography, ChatVerse is your answer to efficient and cost-effective multilingual customer support.

Our customers know us for

Quick start and MVP based approach to accelerate time-to-value

Successfully deliver complex business transformations spanning multiple clouds

Proven success in delivering niche clouds like Data cloud and Industry Clouds like CG Cloud
Rescue in-flight programs – when others fail to deliver

Mature global delivery model to rapidly scale and improve TCO

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