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At Aethereus Studio, we help our clients with business case preparation, identification of “trim tabs” in their customer journey map and bringing the use cases to life via design-led maker sessions using Salesforce as a digital platform. Industry 4.0 technologies have shaped newer business models and enabled an unimaginable level of customer experiences.

 Firms are looking to tap into the power of ecosystems, offer personalised recommendations and provide newer levels of convenience using AI & ML, IoT, Blockchain, Drones, Mixed Reality and most recently Quantum Computing.

OCR for
Customer Onboarding

Optical Character Recognition recognises text within digital images like scanned documents and photos to extract relevant information

Retail Planogram

It is a visual representation tool that provides details on the placement of every product in a retail store


It helps in identifying the best-fit candidate for your organisation by automatically analysing the applicant’s data

Driving innovations in cutting- edge technologies,
defying the ‘art of possible’

Surveyor App

Automating claims processing for insurance by automatically detecting various kinds of car damages like scratches, dents etc.

Automation Chatbot

Admin bot uses AI to automatically create a user in Salesforce using a chatbot without any human intervention

Alexa SF Tools &
Development kit

An Alexa-based voice-enabled Salesforce development kit which uses voice commands on Alexa to create Salesforce components like objects and fields and also generates code like triggers from voice commands


Ready to co-create the future

Visit Aethereus Studio to experience the technologies of tomorrow and turn your ideas into reality. Our team of experts will be thrilled to collaborate with you in solving some the biggest challenges facing you and your customers.


We partner with our clients to solve their most challenging customer experience problems by leveraging the power of Salesforce with cutting-edge technology and a design-led approach. We have been Salesforce Partner since 2019.


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