Advisory Services

Digitize Business Processes. Reimagine Customer Journeys. At speed and at scale.

Every successful firm has one key component at the center of their strategy- the Customer. With digital era firmly upon us, companies are looking at even better ways to understand, engage and serve their customers.

At Aethereus, we partner with you, whatever the stage of your business lifecycle, to define your customer success strategy. Whether you are a start-up looking to scale, an established firm looking to refresh your customer service or a firm looking to reboot your Customer Experience investments, we can support you at any stage of your journey.

Our Approach

We bring a fresh approach to strategy by listening to you, understanding your priorities and critically assessing your plans. We provide recommendations that balance analytical rigor with practical advice that can be quickly implemented.

We stay on with you to execute your plans, with a clear focus of delivering value rapidly and demonstrably. As trust is an important value for us, we work with you post-implementations to measure your success and that of your customers.

Ultimately, we consider ourselves successful, if we are able to work with you to put a smile on the face of your customers!

Experience Design

Defining Experiences. Crafted immaculately. The Aethereus Way.

We are passionate about crafting customer experiences that last. We work with our clients to understand their customer journeys and design interactions for a unique 1:1 experience.

Whether it is about designing marketing journeys spanning across social, mobile and web channels or designing self-service experience with bots, we can help you defining compelling user experiences.

At Aethereus Studio, we work with our clients to co-create prototypes and visual design options, that they can experiment with and perfect.All of this on top of Salesforce, the number 1 platform for redefining user journeys.

Salesforce Implementations

Co-Create, Architect and Scale your business with Salesforce platform.

When clients choose Salesforce, they are looking at ways to create quick impact. However, they also want solutions that scale and architecture that evolves, the way their business does.They are looking at partners that can translate their business strategy into practical solutions that are easy to use.

Sounds Familiar?

At Aethereus, we understand what clients need from their Salesforce implementations. With our heritage steeped in the Salesforce ecosystem, we understand Salesforce engagements like no one else.

We understand that clients often want to start small and scale fast.They require nimble teams and solutions that are well architected.

What we offer?

Our Salesforce implementation philosophy rests on 4 key tenets viz Robust design, Scalable architecture, cross-functional teams, and robust methodologies.

We deliver quality salesforce implementations quickly and in a cost-effective manner through our design-led approach. Our solid program management team, robust methodology, cross-functional pods, and full-stack developers ensure that we deliver a consistent quality of delivery for our programs.

We bring a program team with the expertise of 400+ Salesforce engagements to help you design and deliver great digital experiences.

Our Cloud Focus

We pride ourselves in keeping pace with Salesforce on their newer and emerging offerings. These include

  • Industry Cloud (Financial Service Cloud)
  • Salesforce Einstein
  • Marketing Cloud & Pardot
  • Integration Cloud (Mulesoft)

Additionally, we possess solid expertise in core clouds like

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Community Cloud
  • Salesforce platform (App Cloud, Lightning)
  • Heroku

Managed Services

Consolidate, Optimize and Innovate with Salesforce Managed Services

Our clients want partners that can continue to work with them on their post-implementation needs. This includes Salesforce enhancements, support and continuous improvement with new features released by Salesforce. Aethereus provides specialized DevOps based Managed services to ensure that you continue to get the most from your investment as your business grows.

Salesforce Managed Services offering

  • Keep your Salesforce up with your changing business needs.
  • Enable for Daily/Weekly production deployment/release through DevOps based approach
  • Provide team with diverse skill set
  • Support process improvement and implement best practices through tools & accelerators

Salesforce Centre of Excellence Setup Services

For clients with significant Salesforce investments, they often want to optimize their Salesforce investments, consolidate operations and cross-pollinate best practices. This typically requires setting-up a Centre of Excellence that ensures business responsiveness while providing for a nimble IT model across various business functions and multiple Salesforce orgs.

Aethereus has a well defined offering for helping clients with set-up of a future-ready Salesforce COE model. This comprises of 6 key dimensions

  • Operating model
  • Governance
  • Technology & Infrastructure
  • Build and Operate
  • Innovation & Design
  • Talent Management

We work with our customers at every stage of their journey in establishing their Centre of Excellence. This includes CoE business case, set-up, execution and operations.We provide best practices and ensure that we deliver significant ROI for our clients with Salesforce CoE offering.

Industries We Serve

Financial Services and Insurance

Financial Services sector has been going through an unprecedented change driven by digital industry ecosystems, emerging business models and platforms.Regulations and innovation seem to be creating newer customer experiences leveraging platforms like Salesforce.

Salesforce, coupled with technologies like artificial intelligence and block chain is unlocking the next generation of digital journeys within financials sector – whether its digital lending, payments, financial advice or a simple act of buying an insurance policy.

We understand the need for competitive advantage in a fast changing financial services and would be able to

The future of advice

A real time, contextual and relevant Customer 360 is essential for the relationship managers to focus on “advice” while the platform driven by Financial Services Cloud, Mulesoft and Einstein ensure seamless, omni channel customer journeys. Our Customer 360 solution can jump start the business outcomes that RMs are looking for

The Cognitive Claim Process

In the world enabled by “always on” devices, consumers expect the insurers to be proactive and efficient, especially when it comes to the processing of claims. Our Cognitive contact center solution, powered by Service Cloud, AWS Connect, Einstein and Mulesoft is making the claim journeys, reactive to proactive to predictive

Digital Lending 2.0

Lending has seen an unprecedented pace of innovation and growth over the last few years. It is poised to further accelerate to meet the demand of underserved segments. Built on Salesforce platform, Our Loan Origination Solution(LOS), brings a full suite of use cases – lead generation to opportunity management, customer life cycle management, and services, ensuring a faster time to market and profitability.

Manufacturing and Hi-tech

Industry 4.0 has had a profound impact on manufacturing. The entire manufacturing value chain has been impacted by customers wanting to customize their own machines, smart sensors enabling newer customer experiences, flexible supply chains and increased collaboration between enterprises and their business partners.

We have worked with Fortune 500 clients to shape unique experiences using Salesforce as a platform. We work with you to show the art of the possible, develop rapid prototypes, fail fast and move quickly from MVP to enterprise to accelerate your ROI on Salesforce platform

Industry 4.0 propositions

Industry 4.0 technologies have shaped newer business models and enabled a different level of customer experiences.

Firms are looking to tap into the power of ecosystems, offer personalized recommendations and provide newer levels of convenience using AI & ML, IoT, Blockchain, drones, Mixed reality and most recently Quantum Computing.

Salesforce as a platform is ahead of the curve in leveraging these technologies with propositions like Salesforce Blockchain and Salesforce Einstein.

At Aethereus Studio, we help our clients with business case preparation, identification of “trim tabs” in their customer journey map and bringing the use cases to life via design thinking led maker sessions. And all of this using Salesforce as a digital platform.

Talk to us if you would like to explore any (and more) of the following:

  • Track and Trace for Medical Devices
  • Using Salesforce, ERP, IoT, Mulesoft and robotics
  • The accelerated KYC using Salesforce Einstein and OCR
  • Salesforce Einstein bot repository for industry use cases
  • Cognitive Contact Center and many more…
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