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Innovation & Cutting-Edge Technology powered by Salesforce

We follow a design-led approach to provide quality Salesforce implementations quickly and cost-effectively. Our reliable program management team, robust methodology, cross-functional pods, and full-stack developers ensure that we deliver a consistent delivery quality for our programs. We bring a program team with the expertise of 400+ Salesforce engagements to help you design and deliver great digital experiences.

Our heritage is steeped in the Salesforce ecosystem, ensuring that we understand Salesforce engagements like no one else. We are aware that clients often want to start small and scale fast. They require agile teams. When clients choose Salesforce, they are looking to create ways for partners to:
1. Evolve the way their business performs quickly
2. Translate their business strategy into practical solutions that are easy to use and solutions that are well architected.

Fundamental Tenets of Our Salesforce Implementation Philosophy

Robust Design

Scalable Architecture

Powerful Methodology

Cross-functional Teams

Consulting/Advisory Services

Digitise Business Processes. Re-imagine Customer Journeys with speed and scale.

Every successful business strategy has one key focus – the Customer. Companies today are looking to better understand, engage and serve their customers by harnessing digital technology’s power. We can partner with you at any stage of your business lifecycle to define your customer success strategy- from start-ups looking to scale, established firms looking to refresh their customer service or if you are looking to reboot your entire Customer Experience.

Ultimately, we measure our success if we can help you put a smile on the face of your customers!


Experience Design

Defining Immaculately crafted experiences. The Aethereus Way.

We are passionate about crafting long-lasting customer experiences. We work with our clients to map out their customer journeys and design interactions for a unique 1:1 experience.

Whether it is developing marketing journeys spanning across social, mobile and web channels or self-service experiences with bots, we can help define compelling user experiences.

Aethereus Studio is where we collaborate, experiment and perfect with clients to develop custom AI visual design options and prototypes using industry 4.0 technology. All of this on top of Salesforce, the number 1 platform for redefining user journeys.

Salesforce Implementations using Core and Industry Clouds

We specialise in Salesforce Industries, Field Service and Tableau apart from providing solutions around Sales, Service and Marketing.  

Our focus on core clouds include 

  • Sales cloud and CPQ 
  • Service cloud and Salesforce Field Service 
  • Experience Cloud (Communities) 
  • Marketing Cloud and Pardot 
  • Tableau and Tableau CRM 

Additionally, we possess expertise in the following industry clouds

  • Vlocity
  • Financial Services Cloud 
  • Manufacturing cloud 
  • Consumer Goods Cloud 

Managed Services

Consolidate, Optimise and Innovate with our Salesforce Managed Services.

Our clients seek partners who can work with them on their post-implementation needs, including Salesforce enhancements, support, and continuous improvement with Salesforce’s new features. Aethereus provides specialised DevOps-based Managed services ensuring clients get the maximum returns from their investment as their business grows.

Our Salesforce Managed Services offering

  • Keep Salesforce up with changing client business needs
  • DevOps enabled Daily/Weekly production deployments/releases
  • Provide a team with a diverse skillset
  • Support process improvement best practices via tools & accelerators

Centre of Excellence

Extended Managed Services for clients with significant Salesforce investments.

The CoE provides business responsiveness and a nimble IT model across various business functions and multiple Salesforce organisations. We work with our customers at any stage of their journey in establishing their Centre of Excellence. This includes CoE business case, setup, execution and operations. We provide best practices and ensure that we deliver significant ROI for our clients with Salesforce CoE offering.

Aethereus has a well-defined offering for helping clients with the setup of a future-ready Salesforce COE model. This comprises 6 key dimensions:

  • Operating model
  • Governance
  • Technology & Infrastructure
  • Build and Operate
  • Innovation & Design
  • Talent Management

Expertise in Industry 4.0 Technology

Co-Create, innovate and implement the newest of technologies into your Salesforce platform with us.

Our in-house Aethereus Studio is where we collaborate, experiment and perfect with clients to develop custom AI visual design options and prototypes using industry 4.0 technology.

Capabilities include:

  • Einstein bot repository – a collection of 20+ industry specific bots for various CX use cases
  • Block chain and IoT based solutions demonstration the future of manufacturing and banking
  • AI based solutions – leveraging deep learning, machine vision, OCR etc.

Industries Served

Financial Services
Manufacturing & Utilities
Media & Entertainment

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We partner with our clients to solve their most challenging customer experience problems by leveraging the power of Salesforce with cutting-edge technology and a design-led approach. We have been Salesforce Partner since 2019.

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