Improve Sales Productivity and Reduce Service Cycle Times for a leading logistics & warehouse automation solution provider


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Salesforce Sales Cloud, App Cloud

About Customer

Armstrong is India’s leading intralogistics and warehouse automation solution provider for the last 20 years, having worked on over 1000 projects in 14 countries. They build intelligent intralogistics solutions. To enhance customer’s profitability, they deploy Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Business Intelligence. Their customized solutions double productivity with 100% visibility, eliminate pilferage and automate inbound, outbound, storage and sorting operations with innovative knowledge.

The Challenge

The management sought a new CRM solution to get accurate and real-time sales insights to overcome challenges within their current system. They faced issues with their existing sales funnel reporting and process as Homegrown, their disintegrated legacy system, had low adoption and utilisation. There was no way of tracking pipeline, targets and actuals. Multiple in-house teams (pre-sales, sales, solutions) wound up working on the same opportunities disconnectedly, leading to sales inefficiency and poor targeting. They needed a way to collaborate centrally on new opportunities or transactions. Their existing lead and opportunity process had limited automation. Data accessible mobile application and integration between CRM & ERP were absent.

Our Solution

Aethereus performed the sales transformation for Armstrong by using the Salesforce Sales and App Clouds to achieve their short-term and long-term goals and get a real-time view of sales automation for their Sales team.

We created a central platform, making it easier for sales teams to track customer requirements, predict opportunities, and convert more leads. Lead management in Salesforce helped Armstrong track prospects and effective communication with them.

The Armstrong sales team could now close deals quickly by tracking opportunities and keeping all case-related details in one place. Email integration helped save time on redundant double data entry in two applications. Armstrong now used campaign management on Sales Cloud to automate their campaigns, optimise marketing budgets, nurture leads and effectively generate deals in a short time.

There were different management opportunities now, including engagement on technical stage and solutions first and then commercial stage and solutions due to product differentiation. Other salient features built in the application were account management, activities/tasks, order management, warranty and customer service support management. Through rich reports and dashboards, real-time intelligence and granular insights on sales were available for faster decision making.

Ashwin Dravid
Head of Sales

Successful Sales & service Transformation by Aethereus
Aethereus Team successfully developed & deployed the Salesforce platform for us. With an in-depth understanding of our needs, they were quick to implement the solution and sensitive to accommodate changes. They ensured success by providing much-needed training to our team. Overall, it has been a pleasure working with the Aethereus team!


Improved Sales Cycle Time

The newly structured process - from lead qualification to effective pipeline tracking to task and activity management to the finalisation of order helping improve the sales cycle time.

360-degree view of real-time data

The availability of a real-time analytical report helped the managing team to make strategic decisions for the future.

Increased Sales

18% increase in sales volumes

Increased Operational Efficiency

21% increase in Operational efficiency

Tracking Sales Productivity

Ability to measure Sales productivity by capturing and accounting for each action during the lifecycle of the customer.

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