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About Customer

Vedantu is an Ed-Tech startup based out of Bengaluru, India. It is a leading online tutoring platform, spread across 1000+ cities from 30+ countries, known for creating one of the most sought-after learning apps. It offers tutoring courses to young students from 3 years to 18 years old across various learning segments – K12, competitive exams and verticals like English speaking, reading and coding.

Vedantu’s innovations and contributions to making education accessible and affordable have led to an enhancement in the quality of online education. Vedantu makes a student’s learning experience special and unforgettable.

Vedantu catered to over 200,000 paying students last year, a 300% growth over the previous year. This growth was accompanied by a revenue increase of 4.5x over the previous year, making it the fastest growing online education company in this space and the second-largest company in K-12 overall in terms of revenue and number of students.

Vedantu’s vision is to reimagine and evolve the way teaching and learning have been happening for decades. By combining quality teachers, engaging content and superior technology, Vedantu is able to create a superior learning experience for students and aid in their outcome improvement, which is unlike any offline experience.

The Challenge

Experience is the key to Vedantu’s promise of providing access to quality education to each and every student. As Vedantu’s business model scaled rapidly during pandemic, the student experience processes were unable not keep pace with rapid growth.

When a new student explored Vedantu’s courses, they engaged with the company across multiple touchpoints. The key challenge was to deliver a contextual and engaging experience to students at each and every touchpoint.

With a legacy system and broken processes, there were multiple challenges faced by Vedantu teams. These included:

  • Absence of contextual learner 360: The absence of contextual Learner 360 led to sub-optimal student experience and inability to track student lifetime value (SLV).
  • Lack of real-time reporting capability: The legacy system lacked real time reporting capability thus resulting in inaccurate KPIs for funnel and sales productivity.
  • Omni-Channel Experience: Engage Academic Counsellors, Academic Mentors and Students on the channel of their choice across SMS, WhatsApp, Email & Telephony.
  • Single Source of Truth: Rearchitecting legacy system’s linear functioning and have a single source of truth for the Sales, Service and Academics team.

Our Solution

With these challenges in mind, Vedantu looked at Salesforce to re-imagine student experience across all the touchpoints. These spanned student acquisition, onboarding and service processes. More importantly Vedantu wanted to build a Student 360 view spanning data from multiple touchpoints and bring it all onto Salesforce.

This entailed re-imagining student facing processes and orchestrating a fluid student journey throughout their lifecycle. Some salient features of this design included:

  • Reducing lead leakage by introducing follow-ups, task and event reminders for the Sales Team.
  • Consolidated features of Demo Booking, Payment Requests, Fintech Requests, Quality Audits, KYC, and Payment Requests on CRM Platform.
  • Ability to process various payment modes such as Direct, EMI and integrating with other Fintech providers.
  • Integrated telephony, SMS and whatsapp across inbound and outbound channels. Telephony enabled with predictive dialling capability and centralised reporting using Telephony CTI Connector.
  • Deliver KPI’s and insights across Sales, Service and Student 360 spanning 100+ centralised Dashboards and Reports across organization hierarchy.

Aethereus leveraged Salesforce Customer 360 View for effective student profiling which helped Vedantu to scale and capture various student journey touchpoints spanning multiple systems. Aethereus recommended Salesforce best practices for edtech like Multi Opportunity Model which enabled Cross-Sell and Collaboration across various Lines of Business (LOBs).

Aethereus also partnered with customer to revamp the student acquisition processes and standardize the quality of interactions between counsellors and students. With Service Cloud, Vedantu was able to provide omni-channel service experience to ensure that students were able to engage on the channel of their choice for self-service or assisted service.


Transform Student Experience

The consolidated 360 view of student data across key businesses empowered teams and enabled seamless onboarding, delivering customized content, tracking student engagement and improving the overall student experience across all channels.

Platform for Scale

Creating business architecture for scaling >100% growth annually.

Moving the needle on Sales Metrics

The Salesforce program enabled significant improvement in input and output metrics for sales teams. Simplified UI, personalized recommendations and automated workflows led to significant increase in number of calls per counsellor, thereby increasing conversions.

Improve Student Lifetime Value (SLV)

Significant increase in understanding student preferences, led to increased ability to cross-sell new courses leading to stickiness and improved revenue per student.

Accurate visibility of student experience metrics

With 100+ persona based dashboards across organization, the leadership was able to accurate visibility of Sales, Service and Student 360 metrics . With enhanced visibility of individual, team, cohort, and organization wide sales metrics – business getting an accurate visibility in funnel and sales productivity.

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Bridging educational gaps for underprivileged children

Aethereus as a part of its CSR initiative joins UPAY as a partner and makes a commitment to provide UPAY with certain learning equipment that aim to educate the underprivileged


children through Reach & Teach initiative. We strongly support this mission and envisions on removing disparities in the field of education and provide each child access to quality education by supporting the operations of UPAY learning center in Pune.

Welfare and Education initiatives to empower children affected by Farmer suicides

Aethereus partnered with Snehwan an NGO who works for children who lost their parents to farmer’s suicide. Aethereus supported SNEHWAN to build classrooms & to work for the welfare of SNEHWAN children to make them self-sufficient in their lives and help them upskill for their future career roles.

Empowering Acid Attack Survivors

The Brave Souls Foundation is a non-profit organisation established and led by acid attack survivors to prevent acid attacks, combat gender-based violence, and improve the welfare of survivors.

Aethereus has made a significant impact by supporting survivors through comprehensive assistance, offering vital resources such as medical, psychological, educational, financial, and legal support. This compassionate initiative encompasses a wide range of needs, including rehabilitation, access to food, essential medications, and secure shelter for these resilient survivors.

Empowering underpriviledge kids with Diwali workshops

Tara Mobile Creche (TMC), a non-profit organization, focuses on addressing the health and educational needs of children whose parents work on construction sites in Pune. Through the 'Aethereus Community Outreach' program, #TeamAethereus dedicated the day to candle making workshops, teaching sessions, and sharing goodies with the kids on the occasion of Diwali. Interacting with the remarkably talented kids, sharing experiences, listening to their stories, and witnessing the dreams in their eyes was a rewarding experience.

Blood donation drive on India’s 74 th republic day

Aethereus ringed in 74th Republic Day celebrations by organizing a blood donation camp to commemorate the sacrifice of our freedom fighters. More than 100+ participated in this drive collecting 250 units of blood, which used to help kids suffering from Thalassemia disease.

#TeamAethereus salutes all the rockstars who donated blood and impacted many lives to celebrate this festival. More power to you!

Paying way for a digital educational future

Aethereus has partnered with SOCH to make a meaningful impact on the lives of underprivileged children, ensuring they receive the necessary knowledge and education. Together, we've positively influenced the education of 200 children in Ghaziabad, by transforming Prathmik Vidyalaya first government school in Ghaziabad with fully digital classrooms. This marks a significant milestone in demonstrating how technology and education can collaboratively shape a brighter future for students in need.

Celebrating stories of 'Grit & Guts' with Pragati Foundation on Women’s Day

Aethereus 2023 Women’s Day theme was about celebrating the stories of ‘Grit & Guts’ from Pragati Foundation, a non-profit organization working to provide dignity to women from underprivileged communities. As a part of the Aethereus Outreach Program, it was humbling to listen to inspiring stories of their real struggles, their ‘Grit & Guts’ to march on and shine brilliantly with help from Pragati Foundation.  

Spreading Diwali joy with elderly at Silver home

Aethereus believes in fostering a sense of community and giving back, especially during times of celebration. In the spirit of Diwali, #TeamAethereus spent quality time with the old age people at Silver Homes, sharing smiles, laughter, and heartfelt conversations. We distributed delightful snacks and traditional diyas, illuminating not just their surroundings but also their spirits.

Cards and Payment company based in USA

The Need
Unify data across Marketing, Sales, Service and legacy systems for AI powered Customer attrition prediction

Conduct Data cloud discovery and define integration architecture for creating C360 view. Foundation for cognitive churn prediction analysis

Expected Outcomes
Predict customers at risk – via smart AI predictions – based on their engagements history. Reduce attrition by 15% improved campaign outcomes

A professional services firm based in USA

The Need
Unified B2B Marketing journeys and insights across 12+ marketing channels


Leverage Data Cloud + Pardot + Datorama for AI powered segmentation and marketing channel optimization dashboards

Expected Outcomes
Identify unknown customers visiting website leveraging data from multiple sources and target them with AI powered lead scoring – leading to 50% improved campaign outcomes

A global commercial vehicle manufacturer

The Need
reate Customer 360 view across 50+ data sources to enable AI powered segmentation with data cloud

Aethereus leveraged Data Cloud for data profiling and harmonization across 50+ sources

Expected Outcomes
Unified view of customer journey across Marketing, Sales and Journey. AI powered campaign journeys leading to 2X improvement in targeting

Fleet Management Company in US

The Need
Improve agent productivity with AI powered suggestions and auto-responses

Aethereus leveraged Einstein Next Best Action and Einstein for Service to leverage AI-powered case classification, next best actions and cognitive service replies

Expected Outcomes
24% improved CSAT due to ‘first time right’ responses, 32% improvement in agent productivity

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